New Neighbors League History

We are part of a national organization.

  •  New Neighbors League is the official social club of the New Neighbors League, Inc., which was founded in Dayton, Ohio in 1939 by Theodore R. Briggs, a former newspaperman. Out of the business of greeting new residents grew a recognized need for a social organization that allowed newcomers to meet others who were also new to the area.

    Theodore's wife, Bunny, lived in many cities throughout the United States and knew the loneliness associated with moving into unfamiliar areas. With the aid of the Ohio Federated Woman's Club, she drafted the Constitution and By-laws for NNL. The first chapter was chartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, in 1943. As the greeting service operations were established across the country, new club chapters were founded.

    Dayton was home for New Neighbors League until 1986 when corporate and club headquarters moved to Atlanta, Georgia and Cheryl Fischer-Beaudreault (an Atlanta New Neighbor) assumed the position as National President. Presently, there are fourteen clubs nationwide. Each chapter operates independently with established guidelines and under the direction of a local board and some have a Club Director. 

Who is eligible for NNLOmaha?

  •  Prospective members are newcomers to the Omaha area who have moved from out-of-town (50 miles or more) to Omaha within the last 24 months. Current residents can also be admitted.

    The cost to join NNLOmaha is $30. This is a one-time joining fee and a year's subscription to the Omaha Chapter newsletter, This 'n That. After the first year, the annual dues are $20 per year. 

Club Thought:

  •  We are different in origin, adjusting to new surroundings while seeking fun and friendship. We wish to be friendly and kind, and to give generously of ourselves to each other and our club. We refrain from being hasty in judgment and are united in our efforts always to greet someone new with a smile.   

Our Motto:

 Fun and Friendship   

National Groups are located in the following cities:

  • Alabama –Birmingham
  • Georgia – Atlanta and Peachtree City
  • Missouri – St Louis
  • Nebraska – Omaha
  • Ohio – Canton, Columbus, and Dayton
  • Tennessee – Nashville
  • Texas – Corpus Christi
  • Washington DC


Cheryl Beaudreault

479 S Atlanta St 

Roswell, GA  30075

770 993-7886

New Neighbors League Omaha!

For more information, use the email address below. 

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