New Neighbors League Sponsors

Please, remember our sponsors first when you are in need of the services they provide.

Juice Plus+

 Juice Plus+ America's Brand Name for Prevention
Bobbie Farley 402-571-7811

Are you & your family getting 9-13 fresh raw fruits & vegetables recommended by the American Cancer Society & the Heart Association?  Juice Plus+ is whole food nutrition from 17 juiced, fresh raw fruits & vegetables in capsules, gummies or chewables. Juice Plus+ helps enhance immune function, improve DNA & prevent degenerative disease.  Please contact Bobbie for more information & a free CD. 

Northwestern Mutual Life

  Northwestern Mutual Life—Robert Baird Co.
9300 Underwood Ave., #500 68114

Scott A. Royal is a special agent and investment officer in the Underwood Ave. office. He can answer questions you may have about life insurance and will help you develop a financial plan.  

Morgan Stanley

  Morgan Stanley
Smith Barney Financial
13625 California Street, 4th Floor, 68154
Amy Riggs 402-399-6143

 Matt Rose, 402-399-6318 or 

Jason Judge, 402-399-6354 

Amy Riggs, Matt Rose, and Jason Judge are our contacts for both personal financial and investment assistance and help our club with the investment clubs that are so successful, in part because of the great help given us by Smith Barney. Call them for any investment needs or questions.  

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